Town Committee Membership

Danby Committee Members

County Committee Members and Danby Committee Officers

Dale 'Lew' Billington (1)

H Katharine Hunter (1)

Patricia A Woodworth (Chair)(1)

Joel Gagnon (2)

Tamson P Hansen (Treasurer)(2)

Leslie A Connors (3)

Sarah A Schnabel (Vice Chair)(3)

Charles H Tilton (3)

Marnie Kirchgessner (Secretary)

Key To Members

(number) - County member (district)

Who Can Attend Meetings

All voters registered Democrats (via the Board of Elections) are welcome to attend meetings. All those present contribute to the discussions, but only members can vote on decisions.

How Members Are Admitted

The Tompkins County Committee members representing the Town of Danby form the core of the Town of Danby Committee. State Law reserves voting on certain decisions to these members: admitting additional members, choosing officers, choosing whether to select candidates for office via a primary or caucus, and other, more obscure functions.

All elected officials are automatically members of the Town Committee, but they cannot vote unless they are granted the privilege (below) or are also elected representatives to the County Committee (above).

There is no limit to the number of Town Committee voting members and the Danby committee has rarely failed to offer membership to any Democrat who asked for it. Committee members are expected to attend meetings and participate in election-related activities.


The Town Committee has established a regular meeting date on the 4th Thursday of every month, typically at 7pm in the Danby (DVFC) Fire Department meeting room, 1780 Danby Road. Additional meetings may be called by the Chair.


The Town Committee has an internal mailing list. Like meeting attendance, any registered Democrat can request to be added to the list.