County Committee Membership

Tompkins County Committee

Danby Members

District 1

Lew Billington

Ted Crane

Katharine Hunter

Pat Woodworth

District 2

Joel Gagnon

Thompson Terry

District 3

Leslie Connors

Jim Rundle

Jamie Sorrentino

Matt Ulinsky

The rules governing the Tompkins County Democratic Committee are defined by New York State Election Law and by the Committee's own Bylaws. Members are elected to the Committee by voters residing in the District (or Ward) of the Town (or City) they will represent.

The Town of Danby has three Districts; each has several representatives as specified by the County Bylaws.

  • District 1 is mostly in the area adjacent to the west side NYS Rt.96B (including Danby's Town Hall and the DVFC Fire Department) • 4 representatives
  • District 2 is most of West Danby • 2 representatives
  • District 3 is mostly in the area adjacent to the east side NYS Rt.96B (including the Danby Highway Department) • 4 representatives

The Tompkins County Board of Elections has a detailed map of the districts.

Elections for County Committee membership take place as part of the New York State primary election on the 4th Tuesday in June (June 25, 2019).

In the event that there are fewer candidates in a District than there are seats provided by the County Committee, it is not necessary for voters to choose and that District does not appear on the primary ballot.

Candidates must live within Tompkins County and be a registered voter.

Unfilled seats on the County Committee (not enough candidates, a resignation, or other loss of a member) may be filled by a vote of the County Committee members representing the Town of Danby.

Details about how to become a candidate can be obtained from the Town Chair or the Democratic Commissioner, Steve DeWitt, of the Board of Elections.