Running a campaign to elect candidates includes lots of little things; each one is easy and quick but the total is far too much for the candidates to handle by themselves. You can help!

Write a Letter to the Editor of a local newspaper: the Ithaca Journal, the Tompkins Weekly, the Broader View Weekly, or even the Ithaca Times.

A short, personal statement of support, for example

Joe Smith has done a great job as Community Gravel Sorter and I am pleased that he is running for Town of Danby Dog Catcher. I think he will do an excellent job and I hope you will vote for him on November 5, is always effective. If you need background material, consult our candidates page. We don't recommend negative letters, or even mentioning our opponents directly.

Contribute some time

Mailings: you know, making and applying address labels, runs to the post office, and all that fun stuff. Work with a few friends, and it even becomes a social occasion! Contact our campaign chair.

Day of Election: become an election inspector. Contact the Tompkins County Board of Elections. Meet people, perform a valuable public service, and get paid!

Or, become a poll watcher or a telephone-tree member. Make sure there's no illegal campaigning in the Town Hall, and/or collect voter lists and call voters to remind them to vote! Contact our campaign chair.


The Danby Democratic Committee raises money to elect Democrats in Danby. This money is used for educational mailings and yard signs. We only spend a tiny amount, compared to the mega-million-dollar campaigns waged at the Federal and State levels, but every dollar counts.

100% of all contributions go towards the campaign.

Contributions to political campaigns are not tax-deductible. We are required by law to report all contributions of $100 or more to the Board of Elections, and the names of people who make these contributions are public information, available to anyone who inquires at the Board of Elections. Contributions of $99 or less are anonymous.

Thank you for contributing to our campaign. We hope you will be proud of our leadership in local government.