Mission Statement

Our mission is to recruit and support qualified candidates for local office and to assist Democratic candidates at the county, state, and federal level where we can.

Note: Assistance Includes:

  • collecting signatures to get candidates on the ballot

  • working to register voters

  • turning out voters on election day


We expect our local government to be:

transparent, inclusive, honest, democratic, respectful, collaborative

We expect our local government to:

  • Effectively manage town-owned/controlled infrastructure:

roads, buildings, and equipment

  • Promote energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint

  • Protect our environment and natural resources including land and water and air

  • Protect us from light and noise pollution

  • Continue to advocate for high-speed internet

  • Protect the rural character of the town - prevent major commercial uses except in the town centers

  • Continue to develop a disaster preparedness plan

  • Continue to support the following Danby organizations that provide programs for our residents:

Danby Community Council, West Danby Community Association, Danby Seniors and Danby Park Association

  • Continue to engage in viable joint efforts with the Danby Fire District

Original written goals voted upon by the Danby Democratic Committee.

mission stmt goals.docx