Recent Achievements of our Elected Democrats

The Danby Town Board and Highway Department, under the leadership of Democrats, have accomplished important things. Here are a few achievements:

Town Clerk's Office

  • Greatly improved records management
  • Improved public access to government information
  • Provided youth employment to summer interns in the Town Clerk's office

Town Board

  • Acted to ban fracking and heavy industrial activity in Danby
  • Amended the Comprehensive Plan to address High Impact Industrial Activity
  • Funded aquifer protection through stream monitoring in Danby
  • Created a Conservation Advisory Council and charged it with undertaking a voluntary land protection strategy
  • Stayed below tax cap every year without cutting any services
  • Provided strong commitment to County Recreation Partnership and the Danby Youth Program
  • Passed a property tax exemption for Veterans
  • Hired teen life guards to work at Jennings Pond, providing a free swim area
  • Passed a Right to Farm Law and a partial ban on factory farming in those parts of Danby not in Agricultural Districts
  • Passed a Road Use Law to protect against industrial impact on our roads; we were the first in the County to enact this protection
  • Waived building fees for private solar and wind power installations in Danby
  • Supported lowering speed limits in various residential neighborhoods

Town Administration

  • Leadership role in creating the countywide health insurance consortium, considerably lowering insurance rates to Town employees
  • Helped the West Danby Water District win a NYS grant for a new water tank
  • Took leadership on countywide dog control contract
  • Installed a 21 kilowatt solar electric array at the Danby Town Hall at no cost to taxpayers
  • Worked with NYS Senator Seward to get funding for Danby aquifer study
  • Participated in winning NYS grant to get high-speed internet to Danby

Highway Department

  • Built a Highway Department salt shed which stopped erosion of salt into the environment
  • Initiated a Highway Department long-term truck replacement program